As a member of Vision West Nottinghamshire College you are able to access the staff counselling provision provided by Shire Counselling on behalf of the college.

 To access counselling you can self refer by calling Shire Counselling direct on 0800 588 4024, you can also email us on our exclusive confidential staff email service or you can contact Human Resources or access HR staffnet page and follow the information there.

The service is always in the strictest confidence and if you self refer, you do not need to disclose to your colleagues or managers that you have decided to access counselling for yourself, Vision West Nottinghamshire College value the privacy of the service and respect staff rights to access this in a confidential manner.


Counselling can be helpful in dealing with many different problems, it doesn't just have to be work thats the problem, you can bring personal issues too. The cost of the counselling is covered by the college and you can access just one session or if needed, you can access up to nine sessions, this will depend on the complexity of the problem you present. 


What happens after nine sessions? if you would like to continue, that is ok, however, you will be asked to self-fund the remainder of your counselling. You can do this still through Shire Counselling, and we will give all staff a 25% discount on all sessions taken with us, or you can approach the BACP counselling directory to find a local counsellor that can support you. You would be responsable for any costs incurred with any other counsellor or counselling service.


Sometimes, you may be unsure if what you are experiencing is something that you should take to  counselling, if you are unsure, then why not call the staff helpline on 0800 588 4024 and talk to one of the senior counselling team to discuss your concerns or thoughts.


We are here to help you make a difference to your life.


Thank you for visiting our staff page


Clinical Director for Shire Counselling


Andy Devonshire



Shire Counselling Limited is an independant provider of Counselling and Psychotherapy and we are proud to offer Vision West Nottinghamshire College our professional expertise and services to all it's members of staff at our private therapy centre at 22 Woodhouse road, Mansfield, NG18 2AF.